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RTL Z Cybersessies AI: Meet three Dutch startups conquering the AI market

In the six-part series of mini-documentaries from the RTL Z series "Cybersessies AI," you'll discover how companies are already using AI on a daily basis in today's world. This week the focus is on how startups are using AI.
November 3, 2023

Does Artificial Intelligence seem like it's exclusively reserved for the world's tech giants? Like a fast-moving train your company doesn't need to hop on? Think again! This week, it's the turn of three startups to share their stories: Axelera AI, Falcker, and Weaviate.

It can seem that coming up with AI applications is only something for major multinational corporations to do, but that's really not the case. A refreshing, ambitious startup can make all the difference in the field of AI. This week, reporter Suzanne Blok visits three Dutch startups that are conquering the field of Artificial Intelligence, from creators of hyper-intelligent drones to a new 'Google for businesses'.

Welcome to the fascinating world of AI chipmaker Axelera, data inspection company Falcker, and AI search engine Weaviate!

Cybersessies AI, a collaboration between Kickstart AI and RTL Z, is a weekly talk show hosted by Remy Gieling, founder of The series features various experts engaging in discussions about important topics within the world of AI. Tune in every Friday at 11:10 AM on RTL Z or check out the full Cybersessies AI Dossier online.

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