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Creating products is an important part of our goal to accelerate AI adoption and share the benefits with everyone. Building products that address real-world challenges, working with organisations who need support to get started with AI, and developing cool toolkits for AI techies like ourselves are all on our Roadmap.

AI has boundless potential, and we’re here to unleash it. In many cases, that means ready-to-use solutions for businesses and organisations. But there’s more to it than that. Our products could be used as inspiration, or lay the foundation for a new collaboration with a bigger impact. Anything is possible!
Projects We're Working on
Picture showing Voedselbank Nederland orange heart logo. is also pictured
The Foodbank Assistant
Our AI Assistant makes it easy to connect staff and customers with the information they need at social support organisations. The team will have all the rules, regulations, and guidelines available right there when they need it, speeding things up and minimising error. Meanwhile the customers will face fewer barriers to access this services, with advice and information available 24/7 in a wide variety of languages. 

The AI Assistant is being developed for Voedselbank Nederland, the foodbank of the Netherlands, where it’s currently being implemented. It can be adjusted to fit any organisation and added to any website free of charge.
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Picture showing Voedselbank Nederland orange heart logo. is also pictured
Easy Access AI
What would you do with AI, if you had the tools and the data you needed? Our game-changing Easy Access AI tool will help you make the strategic decisions that matter. AI can support you to make informed choices that help you achieve your goals — but unfortunately many people (especially non-profits and SMEs) don’t have access to the resources they need. The Accessible AI tool is here to bridge that gap. And currently being implemented for Voedselbank Nederland.

It’s browser-based and easy to use, with seamless access to cutting-edge AI models and a large collection of open data.
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Logo of The Daily Tide, the AI trends watcher
AI Trends Watcher
Calling all AI enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds! Our cutting-edge AI Trends Watcher, The Daily Tide, is here to keep you up-to-date about the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of AI. The tool automatically aggregates the latest AI research papers, articles, news and social media trends for you, making it effortless for you to stay at the forefront of this rapidly advancing field. 

With daily updates and comprehensive insights, The Daily Tide is your compass to navigate the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence, enabling you to explore, learn, and innovate with confidence.
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