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"At Kickstart AI, we are driven by the belief that AI can reshape our future for the better. Our primary mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI in the Netherlands. And our actions speak volumes. In 2023 alone, we've ignited passion and collaboration through 35 events, including public meetups and exclusive sessions for our partners.

Our efforts don't stop at community building. Our dedicated product team collaborates with both large organizations and NGOs to harness the power of AI. For instance, we've assisted major retailers in implementing demand forecasting models, resulting in a significant 20% reduction in food waste. On the humanitarian front, one of our proudest collaborations is with food banks, where we are working together to apply AI to enhance their service, ensuring that more people in need receive the support they deserve. At Kickstart AI, we don’t just envision a brighter future with AI – we're actively creating it." - Sander Stomph, Co-founder and CEO of Kickstart AI

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