National AI Challenge Launched by Kickstart AI and NL AIC

Companies and Societal Organizations Invited to Submit Use Cases

Amsterdam, June 11, 2024 - Kickstart AI and the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) have officially launched the National AI Challenge, a groundbreaking competition that offers companies and societal organizations a unique opportunity to tackle real-world challenges using cutting-edge AI technology. The organization with the winning use case will have the privilege of collaborating with a dedicated team of AI experts and software engineers from Kickstart AI to develop a tailored, practical AI solution for their specific problem.

Selection Process
Starting today, NL AIC participants can register for the inaugural edition of the National AI Challenge. Non-NL AIC companies can also participate by submitting a use case in collaboration with a current NL AIC participant. After a rigorous pre-selection process, the five most promising submissions will advance to the selection day in September. A distinguished jury, comprising representatives from the AI ecosystem, will then choose the most compelling use case to be solved using AI.

Criteria for Use Cases
To qualify as a challenging and effective use case for the National AI Challenge, submissions must meet several key criteria. Firstly, the use case should address a concrete and relevant problem that is central to the organization's core activities. Secondly, the insights and solutions generated from the challenge must offer value to a broader audience and be shareable with other organizations. Lastly, sufficient high-quality data must be available to develop and train the AI solution, ensuring the successful resolution of the challenge.
Sander Stomph, CEO and co-founder of Kickstart AI, expressed his enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to launch the National AI Challenge in partnership with NL AIC. At Kickstart AI, we bring together the frontrunners in the field of AI to collaborate on practical AI solutions. Our community of over 4,500 data scientists, software engineers, and AI experts is eager to tackle challenging use cases. We look forward to working with our community on the most promising submission and making a meaningful impact using AI technology."

Sabine Herbrink, coalition secretary of NL AIC, added: "As a broad coalition, we are committed to taking on challenges together and learning from each other about applying AI in practice. Our goal is to create both economic and societal value. In this challenge, we aim to develop a solution that can benefit multiple parties across various sectors. We eagerly anticipate the submitted use cases and are excited to collaborate with Kickstart AI and our participants in this National AI Challenge."

In late April, Kickstart AI and the Dutch AI Coalition announced their partnership to stimulate the development and adoption of AI applications in the Netherlands. Both organizations share a common mission to promote the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Netherlands and have found each other to be complementary partners in this endeavor.

Stay Informed
Interested parties can stay informed about the National AI Challenge via the NL AIC website and newsletter. NL AIC participants will also receive updates through the NL AIC community. The AI Challenge will be actively promoted on the social media channels of both Kickstart AI and NL AIC. Companies and societal organizations interested in submitting a use case can register here.Kickstart AI's mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI in the Netherlands.  To achieve this, the organization collaborates with businesses and society to develop practical AI solutions for their most pressing challenges. With a rapidly growing community of over 4,500 data scientists, software engineers, and AI experts, Kickstart AI brings together the pioneers in the field of AI in the Netherlands to exchange ideas, best practices, and knowledge, thereby stimulating AI talent in the country. The organization was founded by Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM, and NS with the aim of giving the AI ecosystem in the Netherlands a boost.‍
The Netherlands AI Coalition is a public-private partnership in which the government, the business sector, educational and research institutions, as well as civil society organisations collaborate to accelerate and connect AI developments and initiatives. The ambition is to position the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being. We are continually doing so with due observance of both the Dutch and European standards and values. The NL AIC functions as the catalyst for AI applications in our country. More information can be found on

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