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RTL Z Cybersessies AI: Albert Heijn Uses AI To Combat Food Waste

Does Artificial Intelligence sound like something distant, something you have little to do with in your daily life, let alone in the workplace? The new six-part series "Cybersessies AI" on RTL Z features mini-documentaries from various companies successfully using artificial intelligence. Inspiration abounds!
October 6, 2023

To gain a better understanding of AI and its positive impact, reporter Suzanne Blok visits different companies each week that are reaping the benefits of these future-proof technologies. This week, Noortje van Genugten, Director of Analytics & Data Science, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

"For AH, AI is crucial. We have more than 1,000 stores and over 15,000 items per store, so we have 15 million different shelves to manage daily. In addition, as part of our mission 'to make better food accessible to everyone,' we aim to leave the world in a better place. One way we do this is by reducing food waste, and AI plays a significant role in helping us achieve this."

Watch the full 10-minute report below to discover how Albert Heijn is currently utilising AI, the challenges they face, and where they see opportunities for the near future.

Cybersessies AI, a collaboration between Kickstart AI and RTL Z, is a weekly talk show hosted by Remy Gieling, founder of The series features various experts engaging in discussions about important topics within the world of AI. Tune in every Friday at 11:10 AM on RTL Z.

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