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Leveraging AI for a Sustainable Future
This event took place on August 31, 2023. Don't worry if you missed it, we've got more upcoming Meetups you can join!

Come along to a Kickstart AI Meetup in collaboration with Eindhoven Data Community and Women in Data Science (Eindhoven Chapter), and meet like-minded people who really make AI happen. Our events create a platform for you to learn from the best and share your own expertise too — helping us all to get further, faster! 🚀
Leveraging AI for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our generation. It's essential — and urgent —that we find more sustainable ways to live, grow, create, and thrive.

Join Johanna Mager (Lead Data Scientist,, Kiki Boonen (Data Strategy Consultant, Xebia Data), Parvathy Krishnan (Chief Technology Ocer, Analytics for a Better World) and Sanne van den Bogaart (Data Scientist, Pipple) as we  talk  about  how  AI  can help  us discover  new  solutions  and  unlock  a brighter future  for everyone 🌏

AI technology has the potential to help us collect, analyze and process large amounts of data, identify patterns and trends, and derive insights and solutions. Discover how AI enables accurate predictions for plant growth, enhances healthcare in Africa, and revolutionises disaster aid allocation... So where do we start?  🤓

August 31, 2023
17:30 - 21:00
Pipple, Gashouder 36B, 5613 CR Eindhoven

Register  now  for  an  evening  of  invaluable learning,  networking  opportunities,  and exciting inspiration. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Welcome & Dinner
Speaker #1: Johanna Mager (Lead Data Scientist,
The Plant in the Center of AI Models
Speaker #2: Kiki Boonen (Data Strategy Consultant, Xerbia Data) 
Revolutionizing Access to Affordable and Reliable Diagnostic Tests in Africa
Speaker #3 & #4: Parvathy Krishnan (Chief Technology Officer, Analytics for a Better World) & Sanne van den Bogaart (Data Scientist, Pipple) 
AI and Satellite Images: Revolutionizing Disaster Aid Allocation
Networking Drinks & Bites
Wrap up

The Plant in the Center of AI Models is empowering growers with AI to produce more fruit and vegetables. Johanna, Lead DataScientist at, will share detailed insights into their approach to determine the best long-term cultivation strategy, which builds on plant science and data science to reach accurate predictions on how the plant will grow and develop.

Revolutionizing Access to Affordable and Reliable DiagnosticTests in Africa

Explore The Pathology Network's transformative impact on African healthcare through affordable critical laboratory diagnostic tests. Join Kiki Boonen as she uncovers the inner workings of this digital diagnostic network, streamlining sample collection and delivery to processing centers while ensuring real-time case tracking for precise diagnoses. This innovative approach reduces travel impact and bridges the gap in diagnostic services across the continent, making healthcare accessible to every African, regardless of their location.

AI and Satellite Images: Revolutionizing Disaster Aid Allocation

As climate change intensifies natural disasters, directing aid to affected areas becomes crucial yet challenging. Enter AI — the game-changer. Join Parvathy Krishnan and Sanne van den Bogaart as they unveil the power of satellite image analysis. Discover how AI optimizes food resource allocation, predicts supply and demand, and identifies patterns missed by traditional methods, making disaster relief more efficient and effective.

About Kickstart AI Meetups

Kickstart AI is a non-profit initiative by four corporations (Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM and NS) that aims to accelerate AI adoption in the Netherlands, and improve society through the use of AI. We're hosting monthly Meetups for data scientists, software engineers, and tech professionals working closely with AI. Meetups are a fun way to network with like-minded people and find out about what’s going on in the Dutch AI community in an informal setting.

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