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AI and Society: Navigating the Nexus of Ethics, Law, and Artificial Intelligence
This event took place on July 4, 2023. Don't worry if you missed it, we've got more upcoming Meetups you can join!

Come along to a Kickstart AI Meetup in collaboration with
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Join Kanan Dhru(Senior Lecturer, The Hague University) and Natasha Govender-Ropert (Senior Global Data Science Manager, ING) navigating the Nexus of Ethics, Law, and Artificial Intelligence. πŸ€–
Explore talks about the legal and ethical dimensions of AI and the data gap for women as they highlight the need for inclusive decision-making and ethical practices in the fusion of science, technology, and creativity for a promising future.

October 5, 2023
17:00 - 21:00
The Hague University, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75,
2521 EN The Hague
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The Legal (and Ethical) Dimensions of AI

As AI technology progresses rapidly, lawmakers the world over scramble to keep pace with it. Maintaining the right balance between encouraging innovation and protecting the rights and dignity of humankind becomes more critical than ever before. Where should the legal boundaries be drawn? And what should they look like? What happens in cases where there is no clear right or wrong? This session with Kanan Dhru will give a broad overview of how different countries are trying to legislate the use of AI technologies. She will then put forward for discussion different examples of critical ethical dilemmas that the new developments bring to forefront.

Where Did All the Women Go?

Unmasking the Data GapIn our increasingly data-driven world, access to accurate and representative data is crucial for informed decision-making. However, a significant gap exists when it comes to data about women. This talk from Natasha Govender-Ropert aims to shed light on the current situation of missing data for women, exploring the consequences and implications of this data gap across various domains. She will delve into the reasons behind the data disparity, including historical biases, systemic challenges, and underrepresentation. Through compelling examples and insights, she will examine how the absence of women's data perpetuates gender inequalities and hinders progress in all areas of our lives. This talk will also touch upon on strategies and initiatives aimed at addressing the data gap and promoting inclusivity.

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The Hague AI

The first and biggest community of Data Scientists and AI experts in The Hague. We host industry presentations, workshops, hackathons, and open innovation programs. All focused on AI and its effects on business and everyday life. The meetup group is organized by AI Lab One.

Kickstart AI

Kickstart AI is a non-profit initiative that aims to accelerate AI adoption in the Netherlands. Our monthly Meetups are a fun way to network with fellow data scientists and software engineers and find out what’s going on in the AI community.

Doors Open + Pie and Refreshments
Speaker #1: Kanan Dhru (Senior Lecturer Legal Technology, The Hague University)
Speaker #2: Natasha Govender-Ropert (Senior Global Data Science Manager: KYC, Fraud & Cybersecurity, ING)
Networking Drinks + Bites
Wrap up

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