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New Frontiers in AI
March 28, 2023
12:00 - 20:30
TOBACCO Theater, Amsterdam
TechDays: Exploring New Frontiers in AI for 2023
We held our first TechDays of the year on March 28, and what a day it was!

Get-your-hands-dirty-AI, an incredible lineup of speakers, 300+ attendees and heaps of discussions around exploring new frontiers in AI for 2023. Plus in the evening we held the very first Kickstart AI Meetup. 🤩

Our data science community is growing stronger, and we are proud of it. 🚀

We've got lots more planned for the year ahead. We're busy organising another TechDays in the summer, and in the meantime we'll have plenty of Meetups to keep your neurons firing.

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What is TechDays?

TechDays is a quarterly, invite-only tech event that brings together Data Scientists and Software Engineers working at Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM and NS.

By building a community around the people that really make AI happen, we can help you to get further, faster. Our events create a platform for you to learn from the best and share your own expertise too.

So what can you expect from TechDays? Technical talks and real world case studies to discuss. Cross-company collaboration and Q&As with experts. A full stack of opportunities to network, learn from your peers, and develop your skills. And besides that, you’ll meet new people and get the lowdown on all the latest AI trends.
Lunch & Connect
Experimenting on Data Science Models
What to Expect in 2023: The Latest Trends in AI
Insider Update on The Kickstart AI x KLM Challenge
How Technology Can Be 'The Answer' When We Ask
the Right Questions
Coffee Break
Beyond The Hype: 
A Realistic Perspective on AI and Its Limitations
The Art of Co-Creation with DALL-E
Special Announcement
The Poem Booth: 
A Camera That Looks at You and Creates AI-Generated Poetry
Putting AI to Work:
How New Trends Can Change Business
Drinks & Networking
Wrap Up
About TechDays
Note that TechDays are invite-only tech events for Data Scientists and Software Engineers working at our patrons: Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM and NS. They’re the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people, learn from each other, and develop new skills.Work at a different company? Don't despair, you can join us at a Kickstart AI Meetup instead!

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Speakers & Panelists
Portrait of Victoria Bunyard
Victoria Bunyard
Portrait of Daan van den Oever
Daan van den Oever
Bouke Huurnink
Albert Heijn
Niya Stoimenova
Kees Mulder
Vivianne Bendermacher
Olivier Teepe
DALL·E by OpenAI Contributor
Justus Bruns
Natasha Govender-Ropert
Jakub Zavrel
Zeta Alpha
A portrait picture of Erik Webbe
Erik Webbe
Surajeet Ghosh
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